Andreas Illustration

Andreas Illustration was founded in 2012. The company focus illustration, graphic design and art direction.


Project: This project was made for the company Telldus Live Smarter. The idea was to illustrate different scenarios where the secure technology could be implemented. This illustrations are used as banners on their webpage.

Client: Telldus



Project:  This project called "Malmönackan" includes illustrations from 12 different illustrators in Malmö where each of us illustrates one month. My contribution for the Calender 2017 is the illustration below.

Project: My contribution for an illustration competition by Agenda Jämställdhet

Project: Illustration for a finnish magazine (2013) 

Client: Presens

Project: Illustration and logotype for a website. (2013)
Client: Bloggerilla

Project: This was a project where I created an illustration to be used on swimwear for kids. (2012)
Client: Beach Dragons AB